• How might therapy help?

    Our sessions may empower you to create change in your life, whether that be by changing things that are within your control, by gaining a new perspective on things, or by processing trauma(s) that you may have experienced in your life.

    Alternatively, you may just need someone to listen, understand, empathise and support you at a difficult time.

  • Why see me for therapy?

    I love people and feel very privileged be a psychologist.

    Often people access therapy to help them to feel less distressed and/or to improve their well-being. When I meet you for the first time I will find out more about what you hope to get from our sessions. I feel it is important that our time together is individually focussed and tailored to meet your needs.

  • Practicalities

    Most people meet once a week on a consistent day and time. How many weeks we meet for is variable depending on your reason for attending. It will be easier to estimate this following your assessment

    The cost of sessions start from £95, for 50 minutes.