Pregnancy and postnatal support including baby loss

I am passionate about helping pregnant ladies and new mums. I have a wide range of experience helping with anxiety and low mood during pregnancy and postnatally.

I also specialise in supporting people who have had difficult fertility journeys, traumatic births and / or who have lost a child/ children. I have personally experienced multiple miscarriages, as well as a Stillbirth. So I really do understand how devastating it is struggle with fertility and/or to lose a baby.

I can meet with one parent individually or I’m happy to work with parents together as a couple, where appropriate. Sessions offer a supportive space to talk through your experiences or loss. A range of psychological therapies may be utilised depending on the issue you wish to work with. For example, the aim may be to reduce anxiety, intrusive thoughts, irritability or low mood. I am EMDR – trauma therapy trained and have been through the accreditation process with the EMDR Association. Having therapy to process the trauma of a traumatic birth or loss can be extremely helpful. You may need support to feel like you can survive your crippling grief. You may just need a listening ear from someone who really understands. No request is too big or too small. I also see children / siblings and I offer advice to family/ friends/ partners who wish to support others struggling with peri or postnatal difficulties, including loss.

I have experience in providing therapy to other therapists. In addition, I offer teaching, training and supervision to health professionals.

All services are currently delivered online.


Free services for loss families

I offer free monthly support groups to loss parents on Zoom. They take place on the first Sunday of every month. Please join at 2pm if you wish to discuss your loss. Or at 3pm if you are pregnant after a loss and want to discuss your rainbow pregnancy journey, if you are trying to conceive again after a loss or if you have recently had your rainbow baby and want to talk through the complex emotions it has brought up for you. Please add my business Facebook page (Kara Davey) to find more and/or to get the log on details for the groups each month.

I am aware that support groups aren’t for everyone. So I also answer questions which are PM’d to me. I have recorded video responses to some frequently asked questions and uploaded them to my YouTube Channel. The YouTube is publicly available. Please feel free to browse and watch them. No information is provided that identifies any individuals who asks a question. To find my YouTube channel please search Kara Clinical Psychologist in Sussex

Books are a great way of processing emotionally sensitive topics. I couldn’t find any children’s books to help siblings talk about pregnancy after loss. So I wrote one titled ‘There’s a Rainbow baby in my Mummy’s tummy. To find out more, please visit-

I have also written a case study in ‘The Grief Collective’ describing my stillbirth grief journey. This is available at:

I have written a guide for newly bereaved families regarding how to make memories and say goodbye to your baby whilst still in hospital. It was written for specifically for my local hospital but could be beneficial to parents in any hospital. I have also compiled a leaflet for parents who have had a traumatic loss regarding how to identify trauma symptoms in amongst the grief. Copies of both leaflets are available to anyone on request.

I volunteer for a wonderful Sussex based baby loss charity called Oscar’s Wish Foundation (OWF). Please do check out the great support and services that they offer too. The Founder of OWF- Gemma and I do monthly live talks describing how we have coped with our grief in the hope that he may give ideas, hope or just be relatable to fellow loss parents. The topic changes each month but could be something like how to cope with significant events such as birthday’s Christmas, Mothersday or anniversaries. We also admin various Facebook support groups for mums, dads, rainbow parents to be etc. Please add Oscar’s Wish Foundation on Facebook or visit their website to find out more.