I am really passionate about using evidence based coaching to help women transition back to work with confidence and with all the skills they need to thrive after maternity leave. I understand how hard it is to juggle it all, especially when sleep deprived, which naturally affects our cognitive functioning. This difficult transition for women is not talked about enough and sadly all too often, appropriate support is not provided either. I’m determined to change this!


I also offer coaching to aid men and women’s transition back to work after significant life events such as a bereavement, assaults, divorce, long Covid, significant physical or mental health difficulties (yours or close family members), unemployment, a career break, a change in job role and/or time off for burnout.


Another area I am passionate about is helping individuals whose well-being and/or career development is being impacted by Imposter Syndrome (IS). Imposter Syndrome is often at its worst around times of transition. I also have an interest in neurodiversity and find that many people who suffer with Imposter Syndrome, developed it in part due to masking neurodiversity traits. Noticing this pattern, led to me training in providing ADHD assessments and coaching for adults so that I can holistically support all of a person’s coaching needs.
The coaching I offer is designed to enhance performance, improve time management, increase resilience, reduce stress, improving well-being and refine communication skills.


In addition to 1:1 coaching, I also offer consultancy to organisations and deliver webinars and training to assist with change on a team or organisational level, where helpful too.


Please visit to read more about the coaching services I provide or email me to discuss further.