Training and supervision

As well as offering therapy, I am also available to offer teaching, training, supervision and consultation.

I have experience of providing supervision to psychologists, psychological therapists and other members of the MDT individually. I also supervise staff teams and provide consultation sessions. I’m really passionate about supervision. If you are looking for some psychological supervision, then I would love to hear from you. The approaches I use most in my practice are EMDR, CFT, ACT, systemic and coaching principles.

I have experience delivering a range of teaching and training sessions both in the UK and internationally. If you are unsure whether I could provide training in the area you want, please do not hesitate to ask. I may already have a relevant training session written. I am very happy to compose new training sessions, which individually meet your needs too. Some examples of sessions I could deliver include:

– Sessions for businesses/ organisations- to individuals, teams and/or occupational health departments. (For example, concerning managing stress, managing organisational change, improving communication and the impact these factors can have on performance, sessions concerning mental health- raising awareness, discussing available support, self-help coping strategies etc). I am also a Coaching Psychologist who specialises in Imposter Syndrome and it’s impact on career progression and job satisfaction.

Sessions could also be provided for:

– health professionals,

– sportspeople/ sports teams

– and/or talks to pupils at schools, colleges or universities.

I regularly speak with A-level psychology pupils at a school in Hertford about how it might be to live with some of the mental health difficulties that they learn about as part of their syllabus. The session lasts approximately 1- 1.5 hours. It involves: pupils doing exercises- to help them get a felt sense of how it might be (for example, what it may be like to hear a voice), I discuss some real case examples*, I describe how psychology can help in the treatment of various difficulties, again referring to stories of people I have had the pleasure of working with. Pupils then have the opportunity to ask any questions they may have. Typical questions include: What do psychologists do? How do I become a psychologist? How do psychologists differ from other health professionals? What it is like to work as a psychologist? As well as more specific questions about the diagnoses/ difficulties they have learnt about as part of their studies. Each year this talk is updated to ensure it is tailored to the pupil’s specific syllabus and the diagnoses that they are learning about as a year group. A note was added on the school website the first year I visited the school…

If you would like something similar for your pupils, please let me know. I am able to tailor talks to meet your pupils needs…

* Please note that all of the people discussed as case examples in my teaching and training sessions have given me consent to do so. Also, all case examples are anonymised to protect their identity.